Line Card



ABZ Valves

High Performance and Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

Davis Valve       

CS/SS Knife Gate, CS/SS/CI Gate, Globe & Check Valves

Highland Tank


Automatic Grease Recovery Units, Oil and Grease Interceptors, Oil Water

Separators, Petroleum and Chemical Storage, Domestic Water,

Fire Protection, Grey Water, Rain Water Storage Tanks,

ASME Pressure Vessels, UL-58 and UL-142 Tanks                


Roof Supports for Pipe, Conduit, Duct and Equipment


Hose Clamps

Oil Creek

Polyethylene Piping Systems

Watson McDaniel

Steam Traps, Regulators, Pressure Motive Pumps, Steam Separators,

Exhaust Heads, Clean Steam Products, Steam H2O Heaters


       Freeze & Vandal Resistant Enclosures


Polypropylene ½” - 24” Socket and Butt Fusion Pressure Piping Systems

For Potable Water, Food Processing, Recycled Water, Hydronic.

Compressed Air, Chemical, and Industrial Applications

Blue Ribbon      

Pressure Gauges, Bimetal and Industrial Thermometers, Diaphragm Protection

Seals, Tridicators, Thermowells, Transducers (sensors).

Bonomi North America      

Ball valves (Brass, Steel, CI, Alloy), Butterfly Valves, Pneumatic

And Electric Actuators


HP and Severe Service CL150 - CL2500 Trunnion and Floating Ball Valves

Kitz Valve 

Commercial Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Gate, Globe, and Check Valves

In Bronze. CI, CS, and Alloy

Cello Products   

Wrought Copper and Cast Brass Fittings, Push and Press Fittings,

Dielectric Unions


       Corrosion Resistant Thermoplastic Fluid and Air Handling Systems,

       Including Pipe, Valves, and Instrumentation

DSI Valve  

Forged, Cast, and Stainless Steel CL150 through CL2500

Pressure Seal Gate, Globe, and Check Valves


       Strainers - Wye, Basket, and Duplex

       Check Valves